Switching is as easy
as 1...2...3
We'll help with everystep along the way!



Step 1

Open a new account online or in person at any one of our bank locations. Once your account is opened, you can sign up for our Online and Mobile Banking.

Step 2

Close your old accounts immediately and start using your new account. Allow enough time for outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear your old account. Complete the account closure request. We’ll even mail it to your former bank. Bring in your old checks, deposit tickets and ATM/ Debit cards and we will destroy them for you.

Step 3

Switch your automatic transactions. If you have any automatic payments deducted from your account, complete the automatic payment authorization to inform companies of your new account information.

All the automatic deductions on your statement, may seem overwhelming. Using this checklist will help you keep track of the companies, financial institutions and people you need to contact.

To change your direct deposit, complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment form, using your new Liberty National Bank account number and routing number.


Switch Kit Forms

Account Closure Request


Automatic Payment Authorization

Direct Deposit Enrollment